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Hi! I’m Coach Tony Savage

professional football manager & head coach
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About Me

I am a qualified football (soccer) manager in the FA Women’s Premier League.

I work in a fast moving and challenging environment. A game is quite fluid and I am often tasked with making decisions in an instant and expressing those ideas to the players vocally. As a manager I am tasked with coaching a team of 49 players and 6 coaches. Some players require 1 on 1 treatment whilst others work better in a group setting, this shows that I am comfortable in any pitch regardless of who I am speaking to. I am also a qualified teacher which also confirms my ability to stand up in front of people and pitch.

I hope that I have given you a good insight into my character. If you have any questions then please feel free to contact me.

Skills & abilities

Football management

My Specialities

Player development

Getting the best out of my players

Team spirit

Getting my team to cooperate & work together


Studying my opponent & looking for weakenesses

Coaching & badges

Sep 2014 UEFA B1 Lancashire FA
Sep 2014 FA Safeguarding Children in Football & FA Emergency Aid Lancashire FA
July 2012 Level 2 Award in Coaching Football (QCF) Liverpool FA

Domestic honours

North west Division 1 South League Champions 2016 - Woolton
LCFA Cup Winners 2016 - Woolton
Anfield Summer League Champions (U13s) - The Brick
Mick McNally Cup Runners Up (U13s) 2014 - The Brick
RIBI Inter-District nationwide competition runners up (U12s) 2014 - The Brick

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Clearly understands the game and translates it to a meaningful, high impact tactical analysis and a great people person.
Daniel Lloyd-Weston
Daniel Lloyd-Weston Football & Fitness Coach & Retired Professional Goalkeeper
Tony is a compassionate, dedicated coach, who has an engaging personality, humour and determination to develop his coaching experience.
Helen Lorraine Nkwocha BA (Hons)
Helen Lorraine Nkwocha BA (Hons) Founder of The Soccer Coaches Agency
The International Coaches Group
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Listed in 100 Most Influential Grassroots Coaches.
Tony as manager and coach showed me a new perspective of work in football. His serious and meticulous approach to work is a prime example of labor and cooperation between the entire coaching team.

As a coach and manager, I believe that he has a bright future.
James Gibb
James Gibb Development head coach - Stockport County Ladies
Tony is a progressive and forward thinking coach. He is consistently looking for ways to improve his performance as a manager and the performance of his team. He is one of he new breed of football people who understand what it takes to balance player development with results in the modern game.
Neville Southall
Neville Southall Everton legend
Welsh record holder

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